Meet Justine Lamer!

Creative Graphic & Brand Designer

Who creates Unique and Aesthetic Branding for businesses that want to be DISTINCTIVE!

Justine Lamer Brand Designer

Background Story

My background is quite interesting! I was born and raised in France where I’ve got my bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing.

Shortly after that, I decided it was time for me to go on an adventure before starting a real career in Digital Marketing.

Therefore, in 2016, I landed in The United States of America. So, Welcome to Florida!

In 2020, after working as an Aupair for four years, I decided to open my online business where I offered Digital Marketing services.

My services included some graphic design work! And I quickly fell in love with making designs, drawing digital illustrations, and creating brand identities.

After rebranding my business, Justine Lamer LLC, I am now offering businesses the opportunity to work with me to build a unique and distinctive brand identity for their small business.


1- Inquiry & Phone Call

Every great graphic and/or brand design project starts with lots and lots of info and research. " Competitors, unique selling point, like & dislike style"

2- Finding Direction

We can use a wide variety of methods to find an agreeable design style. "Brand Boards, Mood Boards"

3- Brainstorming/Sketching

Let's generate as many ideas that adhere to the agreed-upon style but are also based around the research previously made.

4- Concept Refinement & Selection

Time to digitize those sketches into workable vector objects. This will also help narrow down the concepts and make small tweaks and changes.

5- System Development

Once the logo concept is approved and I have an overall style direction. I can start pick typography, color palette and other brand assets.

6- Deliverables

The last step is to create and send the final file.