Are you looking for 3 free ways to remove a background from a picture? If so, keep reading.
Nowadays, removing a background from a picture is popular.
You can add a different background to a picture of yourself. Or extract one part of your image to make a sticker.
Either way, there are 3 free tools you can use to remove a background. And they are free!
So, in today’s blog post, you will know what are the free apps you need to download to remove a background from a picture using your phone.

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The Over app is my “go-to” background remover.

It is simple and easy to do on your phone, and this is why I like it so much.

It can take you a little bit of time, but once you understand how “mask” works, you will be good to go.

So, how to remove a background from an image with the Over app?

1- Open the app and select a transparent background.
2- Choose the size of your image. (The size of the picture you want the background cut out).
3- Import your photo to the transparent background and resize it to fully hide the transparency.
4- Select “Mask” between Nudge and Blend

Once you’ve selected “Mask”. You can start erasing your background.
If you start erasing something you weren’t supposed to, you can always restore it using the transparent circle.
To make sure you erased everything, zoom into your picture to get the angles.


This app is probably the fastest way to remove a background from a picture.
Picsart let you cut out a background using different ways.

1- Open Picsart and select your image
2- Select “cutout”.

From here you will be able to select whatever you want out of your picture. The person, Face, Hair, and Background. Picsart will do the job for you.
3- You can also use the option outline to have full control.

So, once your subject is selected, you can start to erase or restore some parts of the picture you want to keep.
Save your work and add your subject to a brand-new background!


The name of the app says it all!

The magic eraser app allows you to remove things you don’t want in a picture, like a background.

So, same as Over and Picsart, the Magic Eraser app is FREE! But this app is driving me crazy because ads are everywhere.

Now that you are aware, you might crawl under ads using the app, let’s get started.


  • Open MagicEraser and select your image.
  • Use the eraser and start erasing the background. (Like in the Over app)
  • Restore part of the subject you want to keep with the brush beside the eraser
  • Zoom into your picture to get little spots.

Once you are satisfied with the result, export your work into your library.


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3 free ways to remove a background from a picture

Thank you so much for reading about 3 free ways to remove a background from a picture.

See you soon,

Justine Lamer

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