Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far AWAY ..

Ok, not so far away because let’s be honest, Disney’s Hollywood studios is literally an hour away from where I leave. Anyways let’s jump into this amazing land called BATUU.

This August, Walt Disney World Resort opened a whole new world full of clones, the resistance, the republic and the last but not least incredible JEDI! 


Since the opening sounded a little bit CRAZY CROWDED, we decided it was wiser to wait. We visited almost 2 months after. (yes we couldn’t wait more because I was too curious and excited).

So here we were, Sunday, October 6th! It sounded like a magical day to be ALIVE!!

So, we jumped in the car, took the road to Orlando and it started raining as soon as we arrived in the park.

e had to hide inside a store!! Also on this particular day, we wanted to ride the famous Skyliner to Epcot, but we couldn’t because of a bad incident that had happened the night before…

The day didn’t start really well for us. Anyways, we took our umbrellas and walked to Batuu! The Entrance is huge and you’ve no idea what to expect. We took a map from one of the Cast Member and it was time to EXPLORE. 


First thing first, it was 9:30 am on a rainy Sunday, so not really crowded (thank goodness).  Everything was just BEAUTIFUL and very well done. Every 5 seconds Evan and I were saying: “That’s so cool – That’s awesome – That’s amazing – blabla”.

There is so much to see, to do, to eat & to drink! It’s a little bit OVERWHELMING. 

So we decided to start slow and just looked around. We made sure we were looking at every little detail.

Of course, we took some pictures and visited some stores. We went looking at people who were building their own droïds and it was so much fun! Definitely something I’ll do next time we will go.

You can also build your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop! (200$…  sounds fun but no thank you). 


Afterward, it was time to try the Blue & Green Milk everyone was talking about on INSTAGRAM.

It was actually very good but the texture was so weird! We both loved the blue milk better and we will try it next time with some alcohol (don’t judge us)! 

While we were getting our drinks, a show was starting with some clones and Kylo Ren.

They were looking for the resistance!!! I’ve to say, entertainment is really fun! Then, it was time to do the only ride open yet, called: Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. We waited about 55minutes inline (really not that bad for a new ride).

In this ride, you’re basically flying the Millennium Falcon & try to getaway! The new ride: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be opening December 5th !! I’m really excited for this.

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Until next time …