Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far AWAY ..

Ok, not so far away because let’s be honest, Disney’s Hollywood studios is literally an hour away from where I leave. Anyways let’s jump into this amazing land called BATUU.

This August, Walt Disney World Resort opened a whole new world full of clones, the resistance, the republic and the last but not least incredible JEDI! 


Since the opening sounded a little bit CRAZY CROWDED, we decided it was wiser to wait. We visited almost 2 months after. (yes we couldn’t wait more because I was too curious and excited).

So here we were, Sunday, October 6th! It sounded like a magical day to be ALIVE!!

So, we jumped in the car, took the road to Orlando and it started raining as soon as we arrived in the park.

e had to hide inside a store!! Also on this particular day, we wanted to ride the famous Skyliner to Epcot, but we couldn’t because of a bad incident that had happened the night before…

The day didn’t start really well for us. Anyways, we took our umbrellas and walked to Batuu! The Entrance is huge and you’ve no idea what to expect. We took a map from one of the Cast Member and it was time to EXPLORE. 


First thing first, it was 9:30 am on a rainy Sunday, so not really crowded (thank goodness).  Everything was just BEAUTIFUL and very well done. Every 5 seconds Evan and I were saying: “That’s so cool – That’s awesome – That’s amazing – blabla”.

There is so much to see, to do, to eat & to drink! It’s a little bit OVERWHELMING. 

So we decided to start slow and just looked around. We made sure we were looking at every little detail.

Of course, we took some pictures and visited some stores. We went looking at people who were building their own droïds and it was so much fun! Definitely something I’ll do next time we will go.

You can also build your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop! (200$…  sounds fun but no thank you). 


Afterward, it was time to try the Blue & Green Milk everyone was talking about on INSTAGRAM.

It was actually very good but the texture was so weird! We both loved the blue milk better and we will try it next time with some alcohol (don’t judge us)! 

While we were getting our drinks, a show was starting with some clones and Kylo Ren.

They were looking for the resistance!!! I’ve to say, entertainment is really fun! Then, it was time to do the only ride open yet, called: Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. We waited about 55minutes inline (really not that bad for a new ride).

In this ride, you’re basically flying the Millennium Falcon & try to getaway! The new ride: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be opening December 5th !! I’m really excited for this.

Since videos are better than any words, I invite you to watch my YouTube Video all about STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE.

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Mickey’s Not so scary Halloween Party 2019

Hello Magical People and Welcome back!

It’s been a hot minute since the last time I’ve been posting on my blog! I promise I’ll get better. (Life can get crazy busy sometimes right ?!).

I believe if you’re here, right now, it’s to know ALL ABOUT our 1st-time experience at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party! So let’s get into it:

So what’s going on there? and why should you go for it?

As you might already know (or not), Walt Disney World is hosting at the Famous MAGIC KINGDOM, a couple of cool events during the year. Last year, we’ve participated in Mickey’s very merry Christmas party.

It was so much fun that we’ve decided to go to the Halloween party this year (WELL DONE!).

Those special events have a COST! (of course, it’s Disney after all) but it worth every cent. The ticket will cost you anything between 70 to 100$ (It will all depend on the date you’ll choose to go).

This year, the Halloween party started in August and will end in November. The event starts from 7 pm until midnight. So we thought about going on a Sunday night. (Hopping for no crowds).

Unfortunately, that night was a SOLD OUT PARTY.. meaning it was at is full CAPACITY (Ugh!!).

Anyways, didn’t stop us to have a BLAST.


We arrived at the Magic Kingdom around 4 pm (If you’re a pass holder or you bought a ticket for the day in Magic Kingdom, you can spend your normal day there and then, attempt to the party without forgetting to get a wristband.

You are allowed to enjoy the Park from 4 pm to 12 am. Even so, the actual party won’t start before 7 pm.

I already had everything plan in advance on what we were about to do, see, and what special characters we were about to meet. After entering the Park, getting our wristbands and our little map, we went directly to TOMORROWLAND!

We got a treat right away (let’s be real, it’s so hot in Florida, YOU’VE GOT TO buy an Ice cream).


The 1st thing I wanted to do during the party was taking a picture with Lots-o’-huggin’ bear AKA LOSTO.

He is my absolute favorite VILLAIN and also really rare to see. It was a MUST do.

Since we had some time before the event started, we went to SPACE MOUNTAIN. It was the only ride we did. (we were too busy doing everything the Halloween party was offering)

7 PM: Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party officially started.

At 6:30 pm we were already in the line to meet LOTSO. It was such a great experience. He was nice, fluffy and cute but didn’t smell like strawberry (Evan was disappointed).

Also, Disney Photo pass photographers are all super nice and take wonderful photos.

Right after, we ended up waiting for a picture with Stitch dressed up as Elvis Presley! It was AWESOME!

The line was pretty long, (an hour or so) and Stitch left 2 times “to change” but always came back pretty fast.

Two Meet & Greet DONE and still a lot to do! We wanted to experience the trick and treating you can do during the party.

It was pretty cool. You go to some areas in the Park and get free candies from Cast Members.

At 9:15 PM the first Mickey’s “boo-to-you,” started. Evan and I ran down Main Street straight to the Town Square Theater, to be able to meet JACK SKELLINGTON AND SALLY while people were busy watching the parade.

TIP: if you want to meet special characters during those events and not wait 3 HOURS in the line to do so. You must go in the line when people are watching shows, fireworks, and parades by the Castle.

After only an hour waiting, we’ve met for a second time, Jack & Sally!! They’re my favorite characters to take pictures with,(we’ve already had our picture with them last year during the Christmas event) because they take time to speak and have fun with us.


After this awesome experience, it was time to see DISNEY’S NOT SO SPOOKY SPECTACULAR!

This show is basically the heart of the party. It can be seen only one time at 10:15 pm. (No need to tell you about the crowd front of Cinderella’s Castle).

We were pretty close even so pretty far because of the number of people in front of us.

We couldn’t see a thing of what was going on, on the stage! Thank goodness we were able to see clearly the projections on the castle and the amazing fireworks. The show was extraordinary and I loved every little second of it.

When the fireworks ended, we tried to get closer to the stage to be able to see HOCUS POCUS VILLAIN SPELLTACULAR, but it was without success.

This show is performing 3 times during the night, 8:30 pm – 10:45 pm and Midnight. We chose to attempt this show, right after the fireworks and it was a bad idea!! We didn’t see much, but I enjoyed seeing a little bit of the Sanderson sisters.

I highly recommend waiting for the last show (if you can make it that late) After the HALLOWEEN PARADE, we were too tired. We left right after. 

Speaking of the Parade, the second one started at 11:15 pm! So, the plan was going to the Fireworks at 10:15 pm, followed by Hocus Pocus at 10:45 pm to end up with the parade at 11:15 pm and GO BACK home. ( I must have told my plan OUT LOUD because EVERYONE ELSE had the same plan 😂).

However, the Parade was a wonderful success! We were right in front of it and it was SPOOKY! Also, super cute, magical and the music was just amazing!

Overall, we had a very good time and a good experience. I will definitely do it again (and probably change my game plan)!

Interested in Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party? Then watch our video, I FILMED the entire night.

Xoxo – TheLamer

Here is more picture taking during the event :

Pandora – The World of Avatar


HERE WE ARE !! If you haven’t heard the news yet, my first Disney Vlog about Pandora – The World Of Avatar is out on my YouTube Channel and I can’t be more excited.

I’ve been waiting months before dropping that video and it’s finally here!

Do you know how scary it is to upload a video on YouTube without a clue of what you’re doing ?!!!

Anyways, Evan and I made it to PANDORA a couple of months ago and we decided it was time to share this adventure.

I hope you will have fun following us around and enjoy watching it! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and like it if you do! 🥰


Ok, now that you’ve seen the video, let’s talk about this Land, shall we? First of all, we can all agree that it’s absolutely, gorgeous, magical and WELL DONE.

I’m not gonna lie Walt Disney World did an awesome job with this land! If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know that you can get overwhelmed by the crowd and won’t be able to enjoy every detail but once you start to really look around… it’s impressive!

Even the SMELL is different. For a second you can believe that you’re a real NA’VI or AVATAR!

If there is something that you’ve to know about me is that AVATAR is my favorite movie.

You can imagine how I felt when I heard that an entire AVATAR LAND was about to open in the happiest place on earth !!


As you might know or not, Pandora is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (who’s by far my favorite park) I will talk deeply about this park later on in another article) and offered two rides:

1 – Avatar Flight of passage: It’s basically the best ride I’ve never been into and it’s worth every second waiting in line for it.

It’s a motion ride in 3D that makes you feel like you’re riding on the back of a Banshee (AMAZING)

2 – Na’vi River Journey: It’s nice but it isn’t worth waiting in line for hours, this is a cool ride to see the bioluminescent of the rainforest and Na’ vi singing!

If you don’t wanna ride and just want to enjoy around the land, there are tons of good different food and entertainment, you can just hike amid floating mountains, glowing fauna and flora in the Valley Of Mo’ara.

Go check the WORLD OF AVATAR after the sunset …. it’s speechless !