Once upon a time in my life !

Most people I know, don’t understand my love for Disney. I figured it would be a good idea to explain “why ?” by writing a little bit about my life, where I am from and how it started!

I was born 27 years ago in Lyon, France. In a nutshell: I’m French, my entire family is French, but I currently live in Florida with my husband Evan, who’s from a Galaxy far far away called Wisconsin.

My love for Disney came shortly after I was old enough to understand what was going on around me. My Brother and I were obsessed with Disney movies, so my parents always brought us to see the last movie out! Obviously, we spent a lot of time and money (not ours, thanks goodness) at the Disney store. Around my 6th Birthday, my parents secretly planned my very first trip to Disneyland Paris. My brother and I had no idea and were convinced we were taking the car to visit our uncle. After a very long car ride, shortly before our arrival, my brother recognized the Disney castle and it was the end of the mystery!! Checking in at our hotel was the Best feeling in the world. I have been able to discovered the park, met some really cool characters and even got their autographs. I’ve seen the most beautiful parade and an amazing firework. And just like that, my love for Disney became bigger.

I visited Disney Land Paris couple of times, but my dream was to go to Walt Disney World! I believe, destiny and the universe heard me, because came my way an amazing opportunity based in Florida about 45 minutes from WALT DISNEY WORLD. (Yes, it was meant to be). Being a Walt Disney World annual pass holder, was one of the first thing I’ve done when I moved to there. I’ve been enjoying the 4 parks that WDW Orlando is offering for years. Sometimes with friends and sometimes by myself!

Nowadays, I am still hanging out there with my husband. Evan has never been a big “Disney Fan” and never went to Disney World before he met me. After one year has a pass holder and visiting the parks multiple times, he started to really enjoy everything Disney! We are going to the Parks together almost every Sunday and we always have fun. We even started vlogging there and share our adventures on our YouTube Channel. My love for Disney will never stop growing.

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