Pandora -The World of Avatar

HERE WE ARE !! If you haven’t heard the news yet, my first Disney Vlog is out on my YouTube Channel and I can’t be more excited. I’ve been waiting months before dropping that video and it’s finally here! Do you know how scary it is to upload a video on YouTube without a clue of what you’re doing ?!!! Anyways, Evan and I made it to PANDORA couple of months ago and we decided it was time to share this adventure. Hope you will have fun following us around and enjoy watching! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel (a new video will be up every Sunday) and tap the like button if you do ! ๐Ÿฅฐ

Ok, now that you’ve seen the video, lets talk about this Land shall we ? First of all we can all agree that it’s absolutely, gorgeous, magical and WELL DONE, I’m not gonna lie Walt Disney World did an awesome job with this land! If you’ve ever been there, you’ll know that you can get overwhelmed by the crowd and won’t be able to enjoy every details but once you start to really look around .. it’s impressive! Even the SMELL is different. For a second you can believe that you’re a real NA’VI or AVATAR!

If there is something that you’ve to know about me is that AVATAR is my favorite movie. So you can imagine how I felt when I heard that an entire avatar land was about to open in my happiest place on earth !!

As you might know or not, Pandora is located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (who’s by far my favorite park. I will talk deeply about this park later on in an other article) and offered two rides : 1 – Avatar Flight of passage : It’s basically the best ride I’ve never been into and its worth every second waiting in line for it. It’s a motion ride in 3D that make you feel like you’re riding on the back of a Banshee (AMAZING) 2 – Na’vi River Journey : It’s nice but it isn’t worth waiting in line for hours, it’s a cool ride to see the bioluminescent of the rainforest and Na’vi singing! Also if you don’t wanna ride and just want to enjoy around the land, there is tons of good different food and entertainment or you can just hike amid floating mountains, glowing fauna and flora in the Valley Of Mo’ara.

Go check the WORLD OF AVATAR after the sunset …. it’s speechless !

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