6 cute Instagram stories using only the Instagram app

You stopped here because you want to get inspired by those 6 cute Instagram stories using only the Instagram app.

Instagram story is my favorite Insta feature. This is why I wanted to share some IG stories using only the app.

You can create wonderful and cute things on the Instagram app.

So, let’s dive into those 6 cute Instagram stories!


Have you ever seen those hanging letters on Instagram stories and wondered how do they do it? I am about to explain it to you!

To do so, you ONLY NEED THE INSTAGRAM APP. So, let’s go.

First, go on the Instagram story and select your picture. Then, in the top right corner select “Aa” and start adding 7 underscores, like so ”________”

So, copy and paste those underscores a couple of times and place them at the top of the pic.

Once your lines are made, go back on the text tool and choose the classic font.

You will have to write one letter at the time and add each one of them at the bottom of the underscores.

See the example below:


Alright, let’s make an Instagram story to promote a New post!

So, choose the post you’d like to promote.

Then, go to the text tool and select one of the fonts (Up to you)

Now, copy and paste “New Post” all-around your pic.

If you want to add something extra, go to the brush tool and add a little circle on each corner.

Example down below:


Ok, for this Instagram story, you will have to go on google.com and look for a notebook paper image.

Now that you find the perfect image, add it to your Insta story.

Then, go to the text tool and write “TO DO TODAY”

Add some fun to the story with a GIF in the sticker tool.

Once this is complete, you can use the brush tool to make bullet points.

See the example down below:

Grammarly Writing Support


Using the eraser tool is an easy way to make your Instagram stories super cute!

So, choose a pic from your library. Then, select the brush tool in black.

Now, hold on to the screen until it gets entirely black.

Use the eraser tool to make something pop up out of the pic you selected.

To make it a little bit more fun, add some GIFS!

Like the example down below:


This is by far my favorite way to make a cute Instagram story using only the Instagram story app.

To do so, you will have to use the Instagram story filter called “Green screen”

Take a selfie and add media.

You can also add a video, it will make you IG story extra special.


If you haven’t heard the news, Instagram finally added “media” into their story option.

This is making things easier to add multiple pictures at once.

So, find the perfect color background and start superposing pictures.

Add washi tapes and some text! And just like that, you made something beautiful only using the Instagram App.

If you need more inspirations, you can read 5 creative Instagram story ideas.

Thanks for reading about 6 cute Instagram stories using only the Instagram app.

Until next time,

Justine lamer