7 amazon tech and accessories under $30

It’s time to share 7 Amazon tech and accessories under $30.

I am super excited about this blog post because I enjoy sharing my Amazon finds.

If you like that kind of article, you can read my 5 BEST AMAZON FINDS; The products I use every day.

The products I will be sharing today are items that I personally purchased.

For your information, I own every single one of them and use them daily.

So, I will link each product and will give you my honest review!

Without further due, let’s get into the 7 Amazon tech and accessories under $30.

7 amazon tech and accessories under $30


Let me introduce you to the Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case.

Those headphones are waterproof, noise-canceling, and touch control.

The headset is available in white or black.

PRICE: $26.99


Pros: The case recharges the headphone and has a LED battery display.

I really like the touch control because you can touch 3 times right or left to adjust the volume (Either up or down).

It doesn’t fall off your ears, even when working out, and has a long-life battery.

This product is extremely similar to the Air pods from Apple.

 Cons: The case feels a little cheap and fragile. I would be careful to not drop it!

Overall, it’s a great price for good quality earbuds.


Best purchase of the year. If you are a big reader like me, you will need this book light!

So, for a long time, I was using a mini book light bought at Barnes and Noble.

It was fine for a while, but I noticed I was changing the batteries very often.

But, with time, the light was not as bright anymore even after changing the batteries.

Therefore, I decided to invest in a rechargeable book light, and it was the best decision ever.

PRICE: $10.95


Pros: USB Rechargeable. I charge my book light maybe every month for about 2 hours. After that, I am good for another month without charging it.

So, the book light has 3 levels of brightness. Daylight, warm, and white for eye protection and nighttime reading.

Cons: This is not really a con because it’s not very important! I am used to little book light and this one is a bit big for my books. However, I got used to it.


Alright, if you don’t have one, get one.

This tripod adapter is only $9.49.


Pros: It’s cheap and does the job. You can mount this adapter on any tripods you have.

It rotates vertical, horizontal and has an adjustable clamp.

The tripod adapter fits my iPhone 11 Pro max without taking off my Phone case.
Compatible with all cellphones.

Cons: The remote is sometimes tricky but always end up working. (I might do something wrong)


I have talked about this stylus on my last best Amazon finds.

But, I needed to talk about it again only because one time is not enough.

So, I bought this digital pen because I didn’t want to spend $120 on an Apple Pencil.

PRICE: $30.99


Pros: The stylus is rechargeable, and the batterie lasts long. It’s great to write on an iPad and iPhone. I use it to be precise on my editing apps.

This digital pen is compatible with any cellphones and tablets.

Cons: Not really the best for drawing. The tip is metal. So, I would be careful about using it on a device without a protecting screen.


So, If you are tired of using the trackpad of your laptop, you can always buy a Bluetooth mouse.

This one is rechargeable, compatible with any devices, and comes with a choice of color.

I got the Rose Gold one, and I love it.

PRICE: $13.98

Grammarly Writing Support


Pros: This mouse is super cute, light, and is extremely cheap. The Bluetooth works amazingly, and the mouse is always connecting to my MacBook Pro 2019.


Cons: It can feel a little cheap, but what do you expect for the price? If you forget to turn it off or if you are using it a lot, don’t forget to charge it. You will not know when the mouse runs out of battery.


This product is for my Apple friends.

So, if you are about to purchase a new MacBook, don’t forget this adapter.

This adapter has 4K USB C, HDMI, SD, Micro SD, and 2 USB ports.

It’s compatible with MacBook Pro 2019/2018 and iPad Pro 2019/2018.

PRICE: $19.99


Pros: Good quality for an awesome price. Super handy. This Adapter has everything I need. I use it every day to transfer files from my MacBook to my external hard drive.

Cons: It’s not directly attached! So be careful If you are moving around with your Mac.


This is the only product of the list that I haven’t bought, YET!

However, this is on my list and I cannot wait to order it.

Here is the multi-device Bluetooth keyboard from Jelly Comb.

This keyboard is wireless and rechargeable.

It’s compatible with a cellphone, tablet, PC, TV, and MacBook.

PRICE: $29.74 


I can’t give you a review since this item is not in my possession yet.

However, I want to share why I want to get it.

I am about to get the new iPad Pro 2020, and I heard the new iPad is very powerful!

I wanted to start using my iPad as a computer when I don’t want to bring my laptop with me.

This keyboard is small and I will be easy to carry around!

It’s also really cute and will be able to use it on my tv.

Thank you for reading about the 7 Amazon tech and accessories under $30


Until next time,


Justine Lamer