the best animated photo apps of 2020

A couple of months ago, I shared with you what are the best photo editing apps of 2020. Today, I wanted to go a little bit deeper into the editing world by introducing the 3 best-animated photo apps of 2020.

What is an animated photo? Good question!

An animated photo is a photo that contains moving objects or effects by adding elements, or overlays.

Animated photos are extremely popular on Social Media. It is also super fun to make and very eye-catching.

Let’s dive into the 3 best-animated photo apps of 2020.

the best animated photo apps of 2020


The 3 best animated picture apps in 2020

I’ve talked about this app before. As you can see, I can’t get over it because this app is SO good.

Even so, I’ve already talked about Pixaloop in a previous blog post. Today, I wanted to explain and dive deeper into the features.


One of THE best features.

Why? Because you can animate any part of your photo.

It’s all about adding your anchors and paths, the correct way!

In this video, I show you an example:


I believe you guessed.

The water option animates any kind of picture featuring water like lakes, oceans, or pools!

You can’t get wrong with this feature.


One of my favorite features.

Don’t like how the “SKY” looks in your last picture? No Problem!

The sky option will change the color of the sky and make it move! LOVE IT!


From 90s VHS to Shimmer and Weather, the choice is YOURS!

Have access to amazing overlay to animate your photo.

The cool thing about Overlay (and every other feature) is that you can erase some parts of the overlay from your picture.


Elements are what I use the most! No wonder why.

These elements bring your pictures to the next level by adding moving objects or effects.

You will only need a little bit of creativity!

Here are some of my Instagram posts using Elements.


The 3 best animated photo apps in 2020

Mojo Pro is a story editor for Instagram.

And YES, this is one of the best-animated photo apps of 2020.

Let me explain.

The app will help you make amazing Instagram stories, but it will also help you make amazing Instagram Posts, as well as very cool animated pictures/videos for PINTEREST.

Mojo Pro gives you access to multiple templates.

Minimal, Fashion, Photography, Paper, Gold, Showcase, Glitch MORE!

You can also decide to create from scratch.

In the design preferences, you can add the color of your brand, your fonts, your logo and even choose the format.

9:16 = Instagram Story

4:5 = Portrait Instagram posts

1:1 = Square and 16:9!

Mojo Pro is the best way I KNOW to animate your new posts, photos from your recent travel or new products in your shop!


stop motion the best 3 animated photo apps in 2020

This app will bring your photos to life!

If you are taking a burst picture with 20 photos. You will be able to add those pictures to the app and make a stop motion!

If what I am saying is not clear, here is an example:

You can animate directly from the app or download the feature “Import images” for only $0.99 (TOTALLY WORTH IT)

the best animated photo apps of 2020

Here were the 3 best-animated photo apps of 2020.

Have fun created amazing interactive pictures!

Until next time,

Justine Lamer



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