FITNESS EQUIPMENT: What do you need to start working out?

Want to start working out but don’t know what fitness equipment you need?

If you are considering started working out, CONGRATS! I am proud of you because working out is my favorite thing to do. I believe this is the best activity to relieve stress and anxiety.

My fitness journey started two years ago, thanks to my husband. Since then, it became essential to start each day at the gym with a 30min (or more) work out session.

You do not need a gym membership to start working out!

Due to Covide-19, most gyms are closed! However, working out is still an important part of my morning routine and needs to be done.

I am about to share with you, the fitness equipment you need, to start working out.

FITNESS EQUIPMENT: What do you need to start working out



If you want to start working out, the first thing you should buy is a YOGA MAT!

Some work out movement like abs, requires you to be on the floor.

You do not want to get uncomfortable and damage your back, your knees, or your hands against the hard floor.

There is tons of option online to get an affordable and a good quality yoga mat.

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Those are great alternatives to Dumbbells and Kettlebells. Resistance bands are perfect for beginners and extremely affordable.

You can work out a lot of muscle groups, using different movement.

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Need some example on: How to use resistance bands at home?

Watch this TUTORIAL:


Glutes and legs are my favorite muscle groups to work out.

Getting different sizes of booty bands will help you grow your legs faster!

You probably already know a lot of exercise; you only have to add a band to it! Like squats, lunges, glute bridge, hip thrust, etc.

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If you don’t like cardio, welcome to the club! I do love running but get super bored, especially on a treadmill.

My favorite cardio machine is the stair master. Unfortunately, I don’t have this kind of machine at home, and I do not plan on buying one anytime soon.

Instead, I bought those very affordable rollerblades and love to spend an hour outside, doing cardio while having fun!

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Gym bag and Hydro Flask

Ok so, you just got: resistance bands, booty bands, a yoga mat, and some rollerblades! Now, it’s time to find a place to store those items!

Having a gym bag will help you keep your equipment together. It will also be easier to bring them with you, wherever you go! (yes, you can work out during vacation time)

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Fitness equipment: What do you need to start working out.