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How to use over to create a calendar phone wallpaper

If you are here, it’s because you want to know how to use Over to create a calendar phone wallpaper.

Like me, you’ve probably seen some of those cute calendar phone wallpaper popping into your Pinterest feed. 

Those wallpaper are so pleasing to see and look very good on your phone lock screen.

So, here is how to use Over to create a calendar phone wallpaper.

How to use over to create a calendar phone wallpaper


A calendar phone wallpaper is, after all, a wallpaper.

So, the choice of background is very important.

What I love to do is to associate each month with its season or holidays.

Since we are in December, we are going to look for a Christmas Background.

Now, let’s get started.

Open the Over app, click on the + button and select Transparent background.

Then, choose the Instagram story size: 1080×1920

How to use over to create a calendar phone wallpaper

So, you have the structure. It’s time to find the background.

Go into the image, and select Unsplash. From there you can type the keyword of the background you are looking for.

How to use over to create a calendar phone wallpaper


Once you’ve resized the images, it’s time to add the month and days!

You can use the calendar on your phone to make sure you are writing the dates correctly.

So, go into text, write the month, and choose your font.

Then, place it wherever looks best.

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You can easily add a shadow to the text to make it pop!

Alright, add some more text for the dates. 


So, once you are done writing your texts, make sure to resize and place it wherever fits best.

If you are satisfied with your work, export it to your Library and add it to your phone wallpaper!!

How to design a quote graphic with Over App

Have you ever wondered, how to design a quote graphic for your social media platforms?

Today, I am going to show you step by step, what you have to do to create and design a quote graphic using the Over App.

Not familiar with Over App ? don’t panic!

You can download the App on your phone for free, and use the free features to create your quote.

Without a subscription, you will be limited because you won’t have access to every graphics or fonts, but you will have enough resources to be able to create a quote graphic.

Without further due, let’s get started.


The first step to design a quote, is to find the perfect background.

It can be a picture from your phone, an image, or just a background color.

What I like to do is going on Pinterest and search for “Wallpaper” or “Background”.

But if I know exactly what I want to create, I would be more precise on my search, like: “Blue butterfly wallpaper” or “background jungle pattern”.

Sometimes, it’s hard to think of what you want to create.

If you need inspiration and want to browse backgrounds before making your decision, you can go to my Pinterest Profile.

I created a board called “Wallpaper for content creation” where I pin a different kind of wallpapers (Image, Colorful, Pattern, Illustrations, etc.)

You found your background? Great! 

Now download the image on your phone. 


If you already know the quote you want to add to your design, you can skip this part.

You can create your QUOTE! Meaning writing whatever is on your mind.

But you can use a quote from a movie, a tv show or search for an inspirational and motivational quote on Pinterest.

(I also have a board on my Pinterest Profile called “QUOTES” if you want to check it out)

I love short quotes because it’s easier to make a cute design.

Go on Pinterest or Google search if you like it better, and get a meaningful quote to add to your background.


Add your background and choose your Fonts.

Now, we are getting into the fun part!

After you downloaded your wallpaper/background, it’s time to open the Over App.

Once the App is open, tap on the + button and choose transparent.

From there you will be able to choose the size of your quote graphic. I always choose Instagram Story size which is 1080×1920.

Then, you need to transfer your background from the image section, bottom left.

Your image will look small; you will need to zoom in until you can’t see the transparent background. Center your image how you like it and DONE.

From there, you need to add your quotes, so let’s tap on “text” beside the image section and start writing your quote.

Then you will be able to choose whatever Font you like!

If you go to the left in the “text section”, you will see an arrow, click on it! It will bring you to the Over App library Font!

Custom your design by adding Graphics

After adding your background and your text, you can choose to keep it that way and save your work, or you can add some graphics to make it more your own.

To do so, you will have to go to the graphic section and search for graphics that can match your background or your quote.

For example, if your quote is about nature, you can search for birds, flowers or clouds, etc.

You can add as many graphics as you want!

You can decide to put them on one part of your text or between letters. Everything is possible.


Once you are satisfied with your design, save your work in PNG or JPG. It’s up to you!

Then, it’s time to share it with the world!

Add your perfect and unique creation to your Instagram story or make an Instagram post.

You can also add your quotes to one of your boards on Pinterest and call it a day!

You DID IT! That was how you create and design a quote graphic with Over App.

If you are posting your creation on Instagram, please Tag me @justiinelamer. I would love to see your work.

I hope you guys liked it and I cannot wait to see your design.

Until next time,

Xoxo, Justine.