3 must-have social media tools

What is up my Social Media Bosses? Are you ready to learn about the 3 must-have Social media tools?

Today, you will learn what I use to manage and take care of Pinterest. I will also go over the best tool to use when starting on YouTube. I will end this article by writing about the tool I use for every single one of my social media platforms.

So, let’s go!

3 must-have social media tools


I am sure you have heard about this app before today!

If not, where the heck where you the past couple of years?! It’s ok! I am going to explain what is Tailwind, how to use it, and why I think you should use it to manage and grow your Pinterest account.

What Is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduler and manager for Pinterest.

Since recently, Tailwind also offers the same services for Instagram. However, in this article, I will only talk about what you can do with Pinterest.

Basically, with Tailwind, you will be able to plan your pins, weeks in advance! You won’t have to go on Pinterest to manually pin at different times during the day to show Pinterest you are involved and engaged!

Thanks to Tailwind, you can decide the number of pins you want to publish throughout the day. The best part is that Tailwind will publish all those pins for you at an optimized time! Cool, Right?

The Platform can be found online and both Safari and Google chrome has an extension.

Tailwind offers a FREE TRIAL! But, you will need to get one of their subscriptions after 100 pins posted.

You are the only one that will be able to tell if Tailwind is necessary for your Pinterest strategy.

My advice: I’ve used Tailwind for a couple of months and I do not see myself using Pinterest without it! It has been the most helpful tool for my Pinterest growth. I’ve seen my account grow to almost 2 MILLION impressions since using Tailwind.

How It Works?

First, you can decide how many pins you want to pin a day!

Then, you can choose how many times you spend on planning pins.
What I mean is that you can choose to take 10 minutes of your time every morning and plan your pins for the day. Or you can take 2 hours one day and schedule 200 pins at an optimized time until the next week.

It worth a morning to schedule automatic pins for the entire week.
I schedule my pins every Monday to the next Monday.

Here are the things you can do with Tailwind:

Why You Should Use It?

Tailwind will grow your Pinterest Impressions and audience in no time! It will also save you a ton of time for you to focus your energy on something else.


One of the 3 must-have social media tools is TUBEBUDDY.

Ok, to be honest with you, I’ve discovered TubeBuddy not a long time ago thanks to an other YouTuber.

As you might know by now or if you are new on my blog. I’ve started my YouTube Channel about 3 months ago!

On YouTube, I share social media and content creation tips. Basically, I show you how to edit pictures, make logos for free and, give you some Instagram story ideas.

TubeBuddy has been my best friend for Keywords, SEO and more.

What Is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a chrome extension that will help you rank your videos higher on YouTube Search. 

TubeBuddy is a YouTube partner and is safe to use. 

With TubeBuddy what keyword targeting on your videos. Thanks to the keyword search, you will have a better chance to be found on the YouTube search.

TubeBuddy will also share with you, your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score each time you are about to publish a new YT video.

It will also help you find the best-related tags to add to your videos and descriptions.

This is not IT! TubeBuddy will analyze your channel and you have the opportunity to compare your channel to other youtube creators.

TubeBuddy is free. However, know that you will be limited. You won’t have access to all the keywords and tags results. You will have a limited number of keywords you can search per day!

Know that if you have less than a 1000 subscribers, TubeBuddy offers a Pro Licence for only $4.99 a month. If you are just started and don’t feel like investing a lot of money for ranking (Let’s be honest, that’s the key), that’s a good deal.

How It Works?

So, every-time you are thinking of a video you want to film. The first step is to open TubeBuddy.

Go on the Keyword Explorer! Then, write your video’s title (including the keyword you want to rank for). 

Click on search and look at the magic! It will give you everything you need to know about this keyword. The search volume, the competition, and it will tell you if this keyword is worth targeting.

Here are examples of what you can do with this tool:

Why You Should Use It?

If you are serious about growing on YouTube and get your channel monetized, you should download and start using TubeBuddy. IT IS THE TOOL THAT WILL HELP YOU GROW!

Even starting with the free version is better than not using it.


I believe this is the first time I talk about Grammarly. I really don’t get why I’ve waited so long to do so!

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a chrome extension that will help you correct significant error while writing something online. It will help you avoid grammatical mistakes.

The tool will also be installed on your computer and you will be able to use it with your different projects.

Grammarly Writing Support

How It Works?

This is pretty simple!

Write your cover letter on Word, for example.

Copy your text and paste it on Grammarly.

The tool will tell you if you miss-spelled, if you forgot a comma, or if you need to use a different word.

Grammarly is free to use but has a premium option. The premium version unlocks every single mistake you make.

Why You Should Use It?

Well, nobody is perfect and mistakes are common.
Grammarly will help you see mistakes you forget and will make you think of a better sentence to write using proper words.

I use Grammarly to write my blog posts, my YouTube descriptions, and my Instagram posts!

Grammarly works also on your phone and your Ipad thanks to their App!

Grammarly Writing Support


You can try Tailwind, TubeBuddy, and Grammarly for free.

It doesn’t hurt to try and see if you are going to like those tools.

Like me, you can get obsessed and won’t be able to work without it.
Thanks for reading about the 3 must-have social media tools.

Justine Lamer.


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