10 productive things to do when bored at home

10 productive things to do when bored at home because being in quarantine is making us: LAZY.

Let’s be honest, we are binge-watching Netflix and playing video games, too much!

If you are tired of being sitting on your couch and want to start being active, you are reading the right blog post.


I am not talking about your basic cleaning like vacuuming and mopping.

I was more thinking about the cleaning: YOU NEVER WANT TO DO!

When was the last time you vacuumed the dusts out of your ceiling fans? Or cleaned behind your fridge?

LET’S DO IT TODAY! Go get your ladder, bring your vacuum and start taking care of your home.


If you’ve a garden, great! Take your garden hose, and water your grass, plants, and flowers.

Feel like doing more? Try to plant something new! Don’t forget to take care of it!

Do you live in an apartment? No problem! Start decorating your home with some inside plants and flowers.


My favorite productive thing to do, when bored at home, is to plan and schedule.

My secret?! a HAPPY PLANNER! I love to decorate and schedule everything.

I set up my appointments and goals for each week and month.

Writing down things you need to do, helps stay organized and focus on important tasks.


If you ever dreamed of learning a new language, now it’s the time!

You are stuck at home, you won’t have a better opportunity to learn how to speak Spanish.

There are tons of online courses and tutorials on YouTube that will teach you whatever you feel like learning.

I always wanted to know how to write in calligraphy! That’s my next goal.


Yes, it sounds cliché! And you are probably reading this and be like: NO WAY, THANKS.

YOU NEED TOO! Going on a 30 min walk or stretching for 20min is a good way to wake up your body to stay productive throughout the day.

If you love working out and run out of ideas being stuck at home.

Here are some of my favorite work out videos:


You read that title well, a documentary!

This is about 10 PRODUCTIVE things to do when bored at home. It means: don’t Binge-watch Outlander on Netflix.

A documentary will open your mind and will teach you things you had no idea you could learn!

You can find awesome documentaries to watch, on Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video.

Recommendation: Dolphin Reef on Disney+ and Inside Bill’s Brain on Netflix


Look around your home. What is broken and needs to be repaired? How many light bulbs do you need to replace?

If you always wanted to change the color of your walls, NOW is the time!

Order everything you need online. With Amazon Prime, you can get whatever you need pretty fast.


Being stuck at home is the best time to take care of your closet.

Give away clothes you don’t wear or don’t fit you. Throwaway clothes with holes or those who are damaged.

If you wondering if you should give away this cute dress? The answer is simple. If you did not wear it during the summer season, you probably won’t wear it again!

Need closet organization ideas? I found some organized closet on Pinterest!


We all have that friend, who recommended us a book to read and we never took the time to read it.

Your book can be about, Romance, Self-help, Adventure, Thriller or Biography. Reading is good for you and for your brain.

Turn on a 20 to 30 minutes timer on your phone and start to read THAT book!

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I know, chicken Alfredo is good! But …

Why don’t you try to cook something new?! I found a lot of easy and healthy recipes on Pinterest!

You’ve no idea what you can cook in no time!

No more excuses! you just learn 10 productive things to do, when bored at home.

Let me know in the comment, what is the first thing from this list, you are about to do?

Until next time,