Best Photo Editing Apps of 2020

Hello Beautiful People! If You are reading this, it’s because you want to know what are the best photo editing apps of 2020.

I’ve selected my top 5, and I am about to share with you: What do they do?! How to use them?! & How much they cost?!

You don’t need any particular skills to use those apps, only a bit of creativity! So without further due, let’s get into it.


You might already know Lightroom, either you are using it on your phone or your desktop but if you don’t, you MUST know everything about it. Don’t worry, I will explain it to you.

Adobe Lightroom is a photo management and photo editing into a single tool. You can upload your pictures into the app, then you can play with light, colors, effects, details, optic, geometry, crop etc. 

You will be able to manage those photos, create albums and edit your pictures whenever you are ready.

My favorite thing about Lightroom is the presets option. You can save a ton of editing time with Lightroom Presets. 

How? Edit a photo to your liking, then save that exact combination of sliders position for future use on another image.

BAM! Just like that you can make your Instagram feed aesthetically pleasing. 

The desktop version of Lightroom is NOT free, you only get it by purchasing one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan. You can get one of their plan on Amazon.

There is a Free Trial available if you are interested on using it on your computer. The Lightroom mobile app is free to download and install without any subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. However, you will not have full access (But you can still do a lot!)


This is by far my favorite and best photo editing app of 2020. (Design/Edit App)

With Over you can create anything from scratch: Logos, Story Templates, Quotes, Flyers, Birthday cards, Wallpapers and more!! 

The features and tools are ENDLESS. If you don’t have a creative soul, DON’T EVEN WORRY! Over team made thousands and thousands of different templates for every category you can think of. 

You can use one of their templates and from there, make it your own! You can change the fonts, shapes, images, graphics, colors & more.

 I use Over to make wallpapers, customize my Instagram stories and create my Instagram story templates. (Click here to get my Instagram stories templates for free).

The Over App helped me designed my business brand. I’ve made my Logo, Instagram highlights, social media platform covers etc. 

The Over mobile app is free to download & install but you won’t have full access. You can purchase Over Pro at $99.99 for a year or pay $14.99 monthly.


If you are familiar with the App “Plotaverse” then Pixaloop won’t have any secrets for you. Pixaloop is a “move photo” App. (Yes, this is exactly what you think it is). It will bring your photos to life in a video format.You will be able to make the water move as well as the sky and you can also add some cool effects, overlays and/or elements. Enlight Pixaloop is free to download and install .

You will be able to use couple of the features but same as the other apps above, you will need a subscription to get full access. Subscription: $3.99 Unlimited access for one month or $19.99 Unlimited access for an entire year.



Sounds a lot like Enlight Pixaloop? No wonder! Quickshot is a part of the Enlight family. There is 4 Enlight apps but I only use those two.

In Quickshot you will have access to awesome filters, and you will be able to change the sky and add some effects like sparkle or lens flare. The app has also basic features like details, adjust, crop and more.

I do not have any subscription for this app because I believe the free version gives you enough to work with. If you want to get full access, it will cost you $5.99 for a month and $19.99 for the year.

Now, the last but definitely not least App on my List:



If you don’t own this app on your phone then give yourself a favor. Leave my blog, go on your Appstore and DOWNLOAD THE DANG APP.

FOCOS brings DSLR-like photography to your iPhone with big aperture and real bokeh effect, which most photographers have always desired. 

Have you ever wondered how to blur your photo like the portrait mode? or how to blur a background without using Photoshop? Don’t look any further, FOCOS will do all of that for you in a click. 

The app is free to download and install but you will need a subscription to have full access: Monthly subscription $0.99 – Yearly subscription $7.99 – Lifetime unlimited access $12.99.

Thanks for reading about my TOP 5 BEST PHOTO EDITING APPS OF 2020.

Tell me in the comment what app you will download after reading my post?

Until next time. Xoxo.

Justine Lamer, Social Media Consultant.

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