Do you need to know what to choose between a Wacom tablet or an Ipad pro for Graphic design? Well, I am about to answer all of your questions right now.

In this blog post, I will share when I use my iPad Pro and my One by Wacom tablet for my graphic design job!

So, yes I have both and use both for different tasks.

Thanks to my knowledge and my workflow, you will be able to figure out if you need one more than the other or both!

Ok, now, let’s dive right into Wacom Tablet or iPad pro for Graphic design.


So, I have the iPad Pro 2020 11ch.

I bought this iPad because I really wanted to be able to use Procreate.

I found myself being passionate about digital art and I really wanted to try it out myself.

I quickly realized that the iPad Pro was the number one tool I was using in my Graphic Design business.

From Procreate to adobe photoshop and now Illustrator on iPad.

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However, I really love designing on my computer.

So, I tried to find a way to be able to use my iPad and the apple pencil with my desktop computer.

I found this really cool app called Astropad Studio.

Thanks to this app, I was able to mirror my computer screen to my iPad and use the apple pencil to draw directly from my iPad to my computer.

But, my issue was that the app had only a monthly or yearly subscription.

So, I would have to keep paying to use it!

This is why I looked into the One by Wacom tablet.


So, after making quite a lot of research, I realized that I could buy a Graphic tablet for only $60!

While using Astropad Studio, I was paying $79.99 YEARLY!

So, I decided to buy the One by Wacom tablet and give it a shot!

The One by Wacom tablet is smaller than the iPad Pro 11inch, but you don’t need to have a big one since there is NO SCREEN!

I thought I would be bothered by it but I actually like it better.

I can let the pen go on the tablet and look at my monitor!! 

Also, the Pen of the One by Wacom tablet is pressure-sensitive, like the Apple Pencil. That’s pretty cool!


Alright, Wacom Tablet, iPad Pro, or both?

Well, since I have both, I will tell you why to get both first.

The answer is simple: There are things I love to do on the iPad and things I love to do on my computer.

And sometimes, I need my iPad Pro to run a program while I am working on making an illustration on another program!

It makes my workflow easier and faster.


Why the iPad Pro?

So, first, if you need to use Procreate for your graphic design projects, you will need to get an iPad, because Procreate is only available on Apple Products.

Second, the Apple Pencil is very powerful and with the Adobe Illustrator app, it’s easy to start drawing with a vector brush! Even using the pen tool is pretty awesome with the Apple Pencil.

Now, do you need to spend thousands of dollars to draw illustrations and be an amazing graphic designer? NO!


Why the One by Wacom?

So, first, it’s pretty cheap for a good graphic tablet with a sensitive pressure pencil!

Only for that, I would buy it! (well, I did).

Second, if you spend as much time as me behind your computer screen, you want to be able to have your tablet available at all times.

I love that my Wacom tablet is always in front of me without having to connect and disconnect it when I want to use it.

It’s also very powerful and customizable!

So, If you are using a lot of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, the One by Wacom tablet is going to become your best friend!

Thank you so much for reading about the Wacom tablet or iPad pro for Graphic deisgn.

Before you leave, you might be interested in reading about the tools and software I use as a Graphic Designer.

See you back here soon

Justine Lamer