What is Insfolio Planner for Instagram

You stopped here because you wish to know what is Insfolio? Planner for Instagram.

So, as you can already see in the title of this blog post, Insfolio is a planner for Instagram. That’s it! You can leave now this article now. JUST KIDDING, DON’T.

This amazing application is so much more than just a simple Instagram Planner.

Now, keep on reading because I am going to share how Insfolio is going to change your Instagram game.

Ok, let’s dive right into What is Insfolio? Planner for Instagram.

what is infolio? planner for Instagram

1- Insfolio: ALL-in-one IG planner

So, obviously, now, you expect to be blown away!

Here is what you can do with Insfolio:

  • Visually plan IG feed
  • Create social content
  • Auto publish on Instagram
  • Detailed data analytics
  • Tons of text animations (for posts and stories)
  • Photo editing (like lightroom)
  • Pre-made and customizable highlight covers
  • Repost
  • Digital Logo Design

So, see? That’s quite a lot.

Now, we are going to go over each single one of them.

What is Insfolio Planner for Instagram


So, as most Instagram schedulers, with Insfolio, you can plan and visually see your feed before publishing any posts.

To do so, add some media to the app and then move them around to see what will match your aesthetic.

From there, add a caption and a publish date.

What is Insfolio? Planner for Instagram


My favorite part of Insfolio is the creation of posts and stories.

You can create amazing, animated posts and Instagram stories right into the app.

If you decide to get Insfolio’s subscription ($9.99 per month or $39.99 per year), you can add your own fonts and brand colors.

So, that makes the entire process of making content faster and easier.

Also, did I mention you can create as many posts, carousels, and stories as you want? It will be saved into your creation. (Perfect way to stay on brand)


Now, that is extremely practical!

So, as mentioned before, you can pre-made your post before publishing.

You will have to add a caption, your hashtags, a location, and all.

Once you are done with that, you have to add a publishing date to your post.

And, Insfolio will kindly publish this post for you.

But, know that your account needs to be a business account for you to enjoy this feature.


Nothing better than an app that gives you some good analytics.

So, Insfolio will share:

  • how your last 25 posts performed.
  • Follower’s insights
  • Your top post
  • Best time to post
  • Top hashtags.


This feature needs to have its own section in my blog post.

So, say hello to text animation.

I was so thrilled to use this feature.

You can add text animation to everything. (it doesn’t even have to focus on Instagram). You can make really cute Pinterest Pin and other kinds of content.

So, download the app and start being creative.


If everything I wrote about Insfolio hasn’t sold you out yet, prepare yourself for what’s coming.

So, if you don’t like switching between app, you are going to love Insfolio.

Every time you want to add a media to the app, it will ask you if you’d like to brand it.

From here, you will have access to a lot of different presets you can use on your pictures.

But you can also make your own by adjusting the preset or change the colors, contrast, and more.


Now, we are heading to the branding/graphic design part of the app!

Because Insfolio is allowing you to create some amazing logo designs and highlight covers for your Instagram account.

So, you will have access to some pre-made logos and highlight covers, but you will be able to customize every single one of them!

How fun?

Thanks for reading about what is Insfolio? Planner for Instagram.

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See you again soon,

Justine Lamer